Some of the Best Scenic Shots | Infinite Flight Simulator

Hey everyone. Here are some amazing pictures I have accumulated (all taken by me) over the past year or “quarantine”. I hope you like them and if you wish to use them please dm me separately about it or else I will get very mad if someone takes them without permission because I worked really hard with these.

(I think you can determine the locations based off of the image and liveries)

Gonna upload some more give me a sec…


If I counted everything correctly, you posted 23 pictures in the first post and 9 additional pictures in your reply, which is waaay over the 10 photo limit for the category. I suggest you split it into 3-4 separate topics, each posted at least 1 day from the other one, as per, again, category rules


Oh sorry. I will do right now. Apologies.

15 min later…

But good pictures anyway

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Sorry busy had hw and now I got school.

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Is it in VNKT?

Still got 23 photos.


Very impressive screenshots! :)

These photos are fantastic! I Love that 747 livery and I actually see it very often when I am controlling…weird! Once again, nice photos and keep flying!

Awesome work @Duke, great photos here!

This one (the one below) is my favorite, it just has that 1960’s vibe to it that makes it awesome.


Guys, leave him alone. They’re great photos. Leave this kind of stuff for the mods to deal with.


But rules are rules and if we let one person get away with it more people are going to o complain that he got away with it but they didn’t. So it beat that everyone follows rules to get the community oranigzed

I agree with following the rules, but if the rules are that important, wouldn’t this topic be closed by now? I think he understands he made a mistake. Quite a few have stated the exact same thing. That’s all I have to say. Not trying to create an arguement.

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I really like this light, shadow and picture quality😍😍😍

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Everyone I am sorry about the pictures. I deleted a lot of them and left some for all of you to see. I am just trying to contribute these astonishing pictures to the IFC. I believe a couple extra pictures won’t do any harm.

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None of these pics were taken at VKNT.