Some of the best pictures I’ve taken from a plane

Was looking at my phone gallery and found these pictures I would like to share

Iberia Express | A320 | EKCH-LEMD

Iberia | A330-300 | EC-LUX | LEMD-SBGR

Iberia | A340-600 | EC-IOB | SBGR-LEMD



Iberia | A340-600 | SBGR-LEMD

Iberia Regional Air Nostrum | CRJ-1000 | EC-MXA | LEMG-LEMD

Iberia | A340-600 | LEMD-SBGR | Surfing the clouds

Those are all. Let me know what you think of them!
Thanks for reading until here


Some great pictures, but please share them in the topic linked below instead, thanks!

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@JulianB I think that you’re forgetting that these already passed moderator approval, as all #real-world-aviation posts do. So clearly, it’s not an issue.

These are amazing! Pictures 3 & 5 with the sun are quite like I imagine heaven to look like to be honest. Amazing!


I did not forget this, no, (still thank you for the reminder!), but still believe they are better suited in the other topic. No problem for me when the pictures have they’re one topic either :)


@bcc.123, I agree with what you are saying but what Julian says does make sense.

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I really love the A340 pictures!

I didn’t see that topic so that’s why I created a new one. Anyway, I don’t think it is an issue as it passed moderator approval

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thanks a lot! I was lucky enough to get this seat (12A - Premium Economy) with an incredible engine view and also this wonderful sunset

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Yeah, no worries at all. Just wanted to make you aware of the other topic :)

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