Some of my rarest catches I’ve seen.

I am a plane spotter at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Here are some of the rarest catches I have seen.

First is the Volga Dnepr An124 in from Honolulu

Next is another Volga Dnepr aircraft, but this one is a lovely IL76 headed out to JFK

Next is the Star Wars livery ANA 777-300 in from Tokyo

This one is a c17 of the Kuwait Air Force. It was about to taxi to head out to Kuwait City via Rome

This one is from the air just after takeoff in LAX. This was the special Emirates a380 at the gate after a flight from DXB.

Finally, this aircraft I am not sure what it is but it was a rare catch at Waukegan Chicago National Airport

Which is the rarest in your opinion?

  • Volga Dnepr AN124
  • Volga Dnepr IL76
  • KAF c17
  • Emirates a380
  • ANA 777
  • Something at UGN

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I think I found it:


I had no idea Kuwait had c-17s, but I must say, it looks relly cool

Alright. Thanks! Couldn’t really tell cause the text on the aircraft isn’t in English and it never showed up on flight radar24.

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Yeah. Sadly, I couldn’t bring my camera because right after seeing this, I had to rush over to church

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Here’s a bit of a better photo taken by my mom


Sad to see that JA789A was removed from service :(

One thing I would recommend is using google images to look up the aircraft. As long as it’s a relatively good picture it should work. Here’s one I did for this aircraft:

Both look awesome, thank you for sharing them!

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No problem! Thanks for your help!

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Yeah. I saw it just before it got taken out. Same thing with the Eva Hello Kitty livery. Saw it’s last flight ever

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At my airport we used to work an Antonov charter a few times a year. Now since the war in Ukraine, who knows when we’ll see another. Such a beast up close.

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We get them here all the time at KPSM. One was here on Tuesday the 24th. This month alone, it’s been here at least three times.

My friend has seen a couple since they were grounded in Toronto as they were being repossessed

Which aircraft are you referring to?

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Crazy finds

AN-124. I thought it was gonna reply to sfahyaviation but it didn’t😂

Actually, in a couple hours, an AN-124 is coming in again. Will be headed to Florida… I believe…

Nice catches! You’ve some great photos here. I really like the ANA Star Wars livery. Looked some clean and pretty

The Volga Dnepr An124 is currently grounded at Toronto Intl YYZ

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