Some of my older planespotting photos (Heathrow)

I don’t have the registrations for some of them since these were taken a while ago.
United 787-10 (I think)

Virgin Atlantic 787-9

Westjet 787-9 (C-GMKS)

Emirates A380 (A6-EVE I think)

Virgin Atlantic A350-1000 (G-VLUX)

Finnair A350-900 (OH-LWD I think)

Royal Air Maroc 787-8 (CN-RGT)

Embraer Praetor 600 (OE-HSX)

Virgin Atlantic A330-900neo (G-VTOM)

My camera is a Canon SX740HS. I don’t have any of the other fancy equipment others use except for a tripod, but I’m happy with it.


That Praetor 600 is looking great 🤩

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Similar to one of my shots at MIA 🙌


nice photo! yours has more colour/saturation than mine

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Jeremy clarkson goes spotting

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tonight on bottom gear
i go planespotting
hammond crashes probably
and james does something boring probably


Clarkson flies an LFA

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and hammond flies a rimac

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