Some of my first screenshots!

Hey fellow IFC member! These are my first screenshots using the new mode FDS gave us a couple weeks ago! Here you go!

1 Air Canada makes a greasy landing, pleasing all the passengers as they watch the sun rise before their eyes!

2 Etihad 310 holding short of runway 12 at Abu Dhabi as fellow A321 takes off.

3 Etihad jets take a break after half a day of flight.

4 Lufthansa arrived into home base, Frankfurt, after a flight from Heathrow, as brother a320 takes off for a flight to Munich.

5 United 78X doing test runs across the country, currently fly from its SFO hub to its east coast hub, EWR, and passenger on board loves the view and snaps a photo! 📸


Those are some nice shots!

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! 👍

here too, keep up the good work.

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