Some of my Favorite Pictures

Hi everyone πŸ‘‹

Below are seven photos that are some of my absolute favorites. Most of the photos have edited skies which I really like the look of. All flights have been done on expert server.

First up is a Delta 737-900 enroute from KATL to KTUS

Here we have the queen herself going from FACT to YMML

Continuing on we have a Southwest 737-800 landing at KHOU from KDAL Landing was a greaser πŸ‘

Alaska Q400 just after liftoff at KSEA going down to KPDX

Flight for BAVA in the CRJ-700 from LIPZ to EGBB. Between the alps, perfect lighting and sky this is definitely one of my favorite shots!

Here we have a private A318 going from VNKT to VQPR

Finally, a Qantas Q400 landing at YSSY from YMAY with a Cargolux
747-8 going to ELLX

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Thanks for having a look! Feel free to vote for your favorite one(s) above and leave a comment below!

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Neet pics.

One of my favs

Wow that’s awesome love pictures like that!

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