Some of my Favorite Edits From The Past

Hello everyone! I will be posting a somewhat different topic today that will consist of several screenshots I’ve never posted or shared before. I’ve never shared most of these since I felt it was unnecessary to post an entire screenshot and videos topic about only one or two singular photos. Anyways, I will add a name to each edit a short description. It go further back in time with each photo as well. I hope you enjoy!


Aircraft: Various
Server: Training and Expert servers
Photo Editor: Adobe Lightroom

Spitfire Escort

On March 11, I hosted my “Flying in for the Oscars!” Event where everyone flew into Hollywood Burbank airport in a private jet. My friend @Topgottem was going to join, but didn’t have enough time for a full flight so he decided to escort us as we arrived. This is how I managed to get this shot below.

MD-11 intercept

This shot was taken on February 27, when my friend @United403 was doing a flight from Miami to El Dorado. He asked for an escort, so I gave him an F-16 escort. There’s really not much more to say lol

Air Mauritius Sunrise

On February 20, I landed in Cape Town after a 5-hour flight from Mauritius. It was an amazing flight and I managed to get this amazing shot from it.

Refueling Over Oregon

On February 14th, my friends @anon36731834 and @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek were flying in F/A-18s over Oregon. They needed a refuel, so I came to help them. After refueling we flew in a tight formation which allowed for great photos!

American Eagle Escort

On February 8th, @United403 was doing a short flight and asked me for an escort. I escorted him for a while in an F-14 and managed to capture this photo when I flew inverted for a few seconds. This photo is one of my favorites!

C-130 Flyover

One of my favorite flights ever happened on January 21st. For the NFL flyover event, we did a flyover for one of the football games happening that night. We all flew AC-130s with the exception of someone who wanted to fly the Fat Albert. Anyways, we flew over the stadium and went into a left turn, which is when I was able to capture this photo!

Galapagos Island Landing

Also on January 21st, I did a flight from mainland Ecuador to the Galapagos. The flight only took a few hours and was very fun. I stuck the landing in the Galapagos with my A319 🐢

Paro Approach

On the 19th of January, I did the classic Kathmandu - Paro route on the Drukair A319. It was quite challenging and fun, and managed to get this shot which may have been the best part!

Thanks for reading, and have a great rest of your day!

Which was your favorite?

  • Spitfire Escort
  • MD-11 Intercept
  • Air Mauritius Sunrise
  • Refueling Over Oregon
  • American Eagle Escort
  • C-130 Flyover
  • Galapagos Island Landing
  • Paro Approach

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The refueling one

Totally not biased

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Definitely paro or the AE escort

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Excellent snaps! The spoilers out in the second photo tho :P

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Best one like @anon36731834 im totally not biased

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yeah, it’s not like the state’s name is in your username

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Yeah of course not

Where in Oregon was it taken?

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i believe it was not far south of Mt. Hood, although we trailed up the state quite a ways but many images of mine from that flight were near Mt Hood because that was around where i caught up


I just made the pole.

Wow! These are high quality

Thanks! :D

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Should I make a part two with this?