Some of my favorite Aviation Sunsets and Sunrises

Sunrise onboard American Airlines’ flagship 787-9 Dreamliner. This was on approach into Dallas Fort Worth after a long flight from Daniel K Inouye

Sunset at Daniel K Inouye with a lovely Alaska Airlines 737MAX9 about to head out to Seattle

Amazing sunrise at the soon to be renovated Chicago O’Hare T3 Concourse H.

Sunset onboard an American Airlines 737-800. This was on the inaugural and one-off Santa Ana/John Wayne to Wichita flight.

Which is the best?

  • 787 approach sunrise
  • Daniel K Inouye Airport sunset
  • Chicago O’Hare T3 Sunrise
  • SNA-ICT sunset

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How did you end up on an SNA-ICT on AA?

Basically, they 4 hours before the flight, they switched our aircraft from the e170 to 737-800 but then realized, no gates suitable for the 737 would be available at the time of landing in Chicago. Instead of waiting at Santa Ana and delaying the flight, they made is 15min earlier and switched the flight to Wichita and we sat in Wichita for 4 hours. American did not call it a “diversion” but instead just said it was just a switched itinerary. They probably did it as either they needed the gate we were using at SNA for another flight and they had open AA gates at Wichita, or it was cheaper to stay on ground at ICT instead of SNA.

just thought I’d point out, it looks like a MAX 9 and not a -800

Yeah I’m just realizing that 😂. Stupid mistake by me

Ngl I wish AA or any other airline would operate from LAX to ICT. It’s such a pain getting to ICT since connecting is the only option. Great pictures!

Thanks man! I think the only quick way to get from LAX-ICT is through Dallas Fort Worth


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