Some nice pics

None of these images are really good… I just thought they were cool to share in terms of the 3D airport details.

KJFK: 777 Taxiing.

A decent pic of some F150s lined up next to ATC (these aren’t that good of pics but okay).

Both KJFK fire department.

(This isn’t really a scenic pic I just through it was cool this whole fire demonstration added to the 3D airport)


Just noticed I didn’t crop out the bottom haha

I have a lot of good ones from my insta when I was a YouTuber w almost 30” subs but I’m to lazy to go ss them off insta haha

I suggest cropping out the bottom of the images so this doesn’t get closed. Anyways, good pictures and keep it up!

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Awesome Shots

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Yeah I mentioned that haha

I like those photos, really nice! I took these on Expert Server at EGLL a few days ago before a overnight flight

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You should try taking the photos through replay mode. That way you’ll get the best quality and you won’t have to crop anything out. Also, I suggest you crop them or this topic will be closed. Anyway, nice photos

Yeah, I do usually - except last night because it was really late (I was to lazy).

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I took all of these in replay mode. Earlier this year during the pandemic.

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