Some new liveries you may have missed in the new update

Recently i found 3 new liveries in the game, that I don’t remember being mentioned, here take a look:


The Shandong livery has been around for a long time, I remember hopping around on it pre 3D


None of them are new.
The new liveries are both on the A320:
IF 2022 Pride
and the new-ish JetBlue


Ive never seen the Kendell, and i often go through the CRJ 200 list

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I have definitely seen it before yesterday though

It’s been there since the CRJ200 was released

I know the 172 livery isn’t new, it’s been here a while, but I did see a lot of new crj liveries, including the crj-1000

There aren’t any new liveries on the CRJ. If there was it would be included on the release notes.

That’s weird since ive never seen any of those before