Some new ATC features that need to be added

First this should be for both Unicom and live ATC We need a ATC called where you can reject a takeoff
The second feature is for ground So I believe that when you land there should be the same map that there is when you choose a gate before your flight so you can choose which gate you want to go to based on the size of your aircraft or in ATC the ATC controller can tell you which gate to taxi to rather than just telling you to taxi to parking he can say taxi to gate D 28 for example And a green dot would start flashing on that gate on the map view so you can taxi to the gate

Hi @Ethan_Brown

I’d read the features category rules. You can only have one feature per topic.

I don’t think there is an active rejected takeoff thread as far as I’m aware or a feature for the other one. I don’t think the second one will be considered as there isn’t really a need for it though.

As above. Thanks!