Some More Worldwide Spotting!

Hey all! Hope you’re staying safe as usual.

I thought I’d make another one of these since I was proud of the previous spotting topic. I’d say I got some more shots this time. All shots are taken in various servers and various routes or just messing around in solo.

To the pictures!

An old United 767 is on final Runway 8L at Honolulu from Washington.

A beautiful sunset arrival in Cairo from Munich with Egyptair.

A United 737-700 takes off after the arrival of a United 737-800 finishing the Island Hopper in Guam.

Majestic rotation out of Doha with a Qatar A380.

2 shots of a beautiful Air China Queen departing out of Beijing!

Blast from the past! We got an American MD-11 leaving Los Angeles for a lovely retro style flight.

Lucky spot! We got an A350 and a 787-10 rotating in unison out of Paris.

The holidaymakers are coming back home to Stansted from Mountainous and scenic Bergamo!

And finally a graceful landing in Gatwick after a medium-haul flight from Antalya.

What was your favourite?

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Incredible photos. In my opinion the one thing that the Boeing 747 needs in IF to really show its beauty is wing flex. The Boeing 747’s wing flex is gorgeous!

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MD 11 all the way! Nothing can beat that photo nor aircraft!

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Love the photos!

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That last shot is truly terrific :)

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Plus the gear tilt, physics and cockpit, would be an unstoppable beast.

Sad it’s retired, I try to find opportunities to fly an MD-11 when I can.

Thank you!

Thanks! I’m proud of it :) Even more so because Gatwick.