Some more shots

G’day y’all
Today I have screenshots for you, yesterday I did some formation flying with the geniuses called @Aviation108 and @airborne_canuck.
And boy oh boy how these guys fly…, I’ll spare you the details😅.

In the formation we did some flying with the Blue Angels Boeing F-18/E Superhornet. Exploring the awesome desert scenery the US of A has to offer.

Let’s start


Aircraft: Boeing F-18/E Superhornet
Flight Time: Too long (my fault)
Route: KPVU 🇺🇸 - Violation 💀


Gearing up, big day for the Blue Angels pilots @Aviation108, @Airborne_Canuck and me :)

Amazing takeoff stuff, but no biggie

We did a turn

Turn just keeps turning

Might’ve turned too much

So now we turning the other way😂

Thanks for viewing :)
Have a great day everyone ☀️


Sheeesh Nice pic!

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skill issue


Thank you😊

Let’s just say there was too much skill for an airspace


whatever you say

Last shot is amazimg

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These photos are fantastic!

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Bruh, call me in next time bruh. Im legit tired of missing these moments.

Nice photos :)

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Thanks @NvAviator and @AviatorRyan 😄

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Great photos, I could see the last one being a in-game wallpaper

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I wish, but thanks!

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Those are amazing shots my friend!🙌

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Thanks bud :D