Some more photos of the controlled bird

Hello everyone, I went spotting today, and I got a decent amount of shots today! So I’ll stick with the highlights. Enjoy!

Gear: Nikon Coolpix P90
Location: Tapleys Hill Road
Date: 27/8/22

First up we have this XWB heading to Singapore

Secondly we have a Fokker (Tags: @BonaireDude)

The kiwi Neo

Lastly, a 33 year-old Rex Saab 340 in euro white colours

Bye! :)


Saab’s are actually controlled steel birds, not metal.
Nice pictures! :D

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Great photos! Interestingly enough to see NZ actually ordered 21N!

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Air New Zealand had A321neos for almost 4 years… btw thanks!

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Interesting… maybe that’s because it’s quite underrepresented in their fleet… anyways thanks for sharing!

Absolutely love the 321Neo of New Zealand!

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Very nice shots! Where is this?

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It is at Tapleys Hill Road Lookout in Adelaide.

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Very nice looks great.

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