Some more photos | Guess the locations

Some people told me to post some more photos, so I did.

This time, you guys need to guess the locations. They were taken on the Expert Server today, and that is all I am going to say. Good luck.

  1. This airport layout looks sort of as if it is a tick tac toe board.

Hint: You don’t need one.

  1. This airport is my friend’s (bonus points for if you guess who he is) home airport. My friend was a past YouTuber. Comment below who you think it is!

Hint: This airport was one of the active airports today, and is roughly a 3 hour flight from Sydney.

Hint: His IFC username goes starts with the country he is from. Format: (Country)1(Suffix)

Just some extra photos:

Picture of 787-9 cockpit taxiing at an airport in the world on the Expert Server. The winds were very low today.

Picture of a 787-9 departing an airport in the world. This was taken on the Expert Server and the weather was very clear today.

I wish good luck to everyone and for the first two pictures, and the bonus question in #2, please answer in somewhat of this format:

  1. Airport Location
  2. Airport Location
    2a) IFC Username

Good luck everyone. Whoever wins doesn’t get anything besides a compliment, and I guess compliments from other people.


The first one is KSFO no doute

the second is Auckland with the username bing NewZeland1super

Off on the first and I will not answer the second one until a decent amount of people answer.

First is Sydney, and Qantas does not fly their 737 to KSFO 😂 Second Is Auckland, Airport buildings, Airline and layout. Awesome pics though!

  1. Sydney (YSSY)
  2. Auckland (NZAA)


Also the friend is @NewZealand1Super.

Thanks! I appreciate it! I am not going to say if they are right or wrong until tomorrow since it is 2:30am.

Stay tuned!

The answers are as following:

  1. YSSY

  2. NZAA

2a) @NewZealand1Super

Thanks to all that gave it a shot.

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