Some Minor A/P Issues…

To anyone, there is an issue with my Infinite Flight which I’m hoping you might have a solution for. I was doing a flight from KSFO to KLAX in an A321 and I set the altitude to 35,000 ft. It got to about 30,000 ft when my plane slowly started to lose airspeed and there was a decrease in altitude. Any ideas on how to fix this?


So under 10000 feet there is a max 250 knots speed restriction… when you go above 10K feet accelerate and when you’re over 30000 feet you can start changing your Mach speed. On a a321, you need a Mach speed of 0.79 to make sure you don’t stall

Also, welcome to the community!

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Welcome to the community!

This behavior occurs if you’re climbing too fast for your weight and speed configuration. If you lose too much speed, your aircraft will start pitching down to maintain a speed that still allows it to be airborne.

Try climbing slower and you should be able to maintain your target speed throughout your entire climb - I recommend adjusting your vertical speed to maintain a certain N1% (essentially manually emulating what the OP CLB mode does on Airbus, since we don’t have that feature in IF) - that way, your VS will gradually decrease as you come closer to your TOC.

Hope this helps!

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