Some love to Widerøe

Some Information on Widerøe Airlines

Widerøe Airlines is a Norwegian based airline that flies short regional hops, the majority being operated with the Bombardier Dash-8. Their route network offers stunning views of Norway and Scandinavia, and is an awesome airline to fly IRL and in IF!
If interested in more, check this out:

Now for the Flight

Route: Banak Airport (ENNA) - Tromsø Airport (ENTC)
Aircraft: Bombardier Dash-8
Flight time: 0:35
Server: Expert
Time: Noon

Departing Banak Airport

Cruising at 16,000ft, look at that view!

On final at Tromsø

Touchdown on runway 18!

And after a short flight, we’re parked at the gate!

This is my first post in this category, so feel free to let me know what you think, or if I could do anything better next time. Thanks! ✌️


Lovely shots

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I love that first one. Great photos!

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Nice shots!
I’ve many flights to and from these and other airports in this network irl.
Great to see the Dash and especially the Widerøe livery being used.

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Thanks! Seems an awesome part of the world to fly in


I see Scandinavia, i click

those are awesome! 🤩

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