Some love for the Spit!

Our other taildragger, the Spitfire is not high on the list of most-talked-about aircrafts. And sure, taildraggers aren’t the easiest ones to taxi and fly; and the Spit is old, the details aren’t the best, there’s no cockpit view and no auto-pilot. No wonder many never fly the Spit and it probably also explains why the Spitfire Rework request only ever collected six votes.

But I think it’s an absolute beauty. And once you’ve master this thing, it’s so much fun to fly! It’s agile, fast and the landing gear actually has some sort of shock absorbers.

Today I was playing around with this baby at KMEM, on Casual Server. And from the Replay I prepared a little summary. Hope you enjoy it and maybe I’ve even sparked some new interest…


I’ve always loved the spitfire, even though it’s outdated. It needs some love. Awesome video, love all the camera angles.


I like to do T&Gs in the Spit. Now and then I take her for a cross country VFR flight.
If you master the Spit you master any aircraft.

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Wow! You are a good spit pilot! I can barely takeoff in that thing…

The classiest military-aircraft ever made.

I would love to see it reworked some day!

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Nice Video

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You’ve encouraged me to take this awesome old girl for a spin more often, to your point maybe we have become lazy pilots with all the ‘auto’ stuff we have in modern airliners and jets

Long live the Spit!


Me too, I love the Spitfire. Although the plane is outdated, I will want to fly once the Spitfire is reworked. Now we have to start our discussions about reworking the Spitfire.

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Your rework request got three more votes 😄
Let’s just face it: the Spit will most likely always be a little underdoggie.

Even though it’s the only aircraft in IF with a unique sound!

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Some nice flying there Anton, particularly touching down without abit of a bounce 😊

I tend to fly it a fair amount 👍


Classic British war bird the face of British RAF. I love the spit so easy but the physics are a little buggy

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Sometimes I enjoy flying this thing. Would be cool to see this warbird reworked as well as some other aircraft from it’s time added.

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From your far west point of view,in mine opinion its defo bf-109 messersmitt,would also like to see some east made(soviet) pearls here

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I like the messerschmidt as well, so no hate towards them :)


The spitfire is a beautiful aircraft seen it at two airshows this year and I’ve only been to two airshows😂 fly it atleast once a week in infinite flight at RAF conigsby brilliant when you get the hang of it

The P-38’s sound is also as same as the Spitfire.


I like the Spitfire but its aerobatic performance ability in IF is terrible.

Me too. I love to see the reworked Spitfire.


Yes that is a beauty

Bumping my own love-bird topic; it so deserves it. And who knows, maybe one day a re-worked spit…