Some love for the Caravan

With the mighty TBM930, the XCub and the beautifully reworked C172 we now have a lovely bunch of ‘new’ General Aviation aircrafts in IF. And last Friday, when many of us celebrated our Friday event exploring the mountains of Chile, I saw many of our beautiful GA aircrafts.

But, apart from the very cool, unique sounding and incredibly fast Spitfire, let us not forget our Caravan. Cessna sold thousands of these; it’s the biggest GA aircraft we have in IF, easy to to fly and you have to admit, she is a beauty.

This shot I took when I was flying around in the heart of Australia, near Ayers Rock (YAYE). During our next day downunder, I am planning to fly this beauty from here, to Sydney.

Looking for some more Liveries in IF on the C208? Find feature requests here.


Nice Pics! Might want to fix that error though.

I love flying the 208 around Hawaii, very underrated!

Nice photo you got! I like to land the C208, for some reason it’s just satisfying. I hope to see this plane reworked with new liveries too.

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Great shot!