Some KSFO spotting

Hello IFC! Today I bring you some photos of aircraft departing/arriving at KSFO!

First up, we have a Bombardier Challenger 350 arriving from who knows where:

Next, we have a Delta 757-200 departing to JFK:

And now, a jetBlue A321-200 departing to BOS:

Next up, we have a…oh hi there little buddy

Aaaand, what’s this? Don’t see that a lot:

And here we have a United 737-900ER departing to IAH:

And this United 767-300ER is the first heavy I have ever spotted:

The dynamic duo:


Big boi 777-300ER:

Hope you liked my pics! These are only a few of 50(60? 70?) planes that I spotted yesterday, so let me know if you want part two!

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Equipment: Nikon D3100 with 200MM lens
Bye for now!

Whenever I upload photos of any kind to the IFC the quality goes down by a lot


I’m more interested in that AN-124 in pic 3 👀

Nice pictures!

(Also, just a heads up, you have 11 pictures, max allowed is 10 🙂)


Thank you for this – good pictures! I miss the Bay Area a ton, what a beautiful place. Should be home for the holidays and will hopefully make it to SFO from some spotting myself!


Lol. There was one that departed 30 mins before I arrived, I was rushing to bayside park to try and get a picture of it but I missed it by that much.

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Maybe we can do a SFO meet up 👀

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That’d be great! You, me, @Altaria55, maybe @naro?

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Yessir been planning SFO for a while now
@GlobalFlyer1 👀


Cool shots! If you don’t see many DL E175s, you probably haven’t been to SJC yet ;)

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Would love to if I’m in town one day!


Instead of who knows what aircraft the AN-124 caught my eye

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ah yes… some spotting from the default starting location of IF… beautiful pics!

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Did you all forget me & @N2628P?

lol, good shots, the JAL is awesome :D


Yeah, come on. That’s not very nice.
Cool shots though!


Great photos! I love the Japan Airlines 777 photo!


Lol yeah sorry 😂🤣

Lol thanks

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Happy to see people taking more part in the best airport in the world. Great shots (look below )


hey @Flightistic and everyone SFO will be open by me 6 am - 11 am pacific time stop by!


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