Some issues with Infinite Flight on Android

Hi. I am on an LG G4 phone with Android 6.0 and these are some problems that I have had after the global update, that I hope there are solutions to and can be resolved:

  • Constant crashing when certain buttons are clicked (like time changing, changing aircraft, changing airport, etc.), but never inflight.
  • Cannot search for airports in the search bar for location selection (keyboard does not pop up).
  • Cannot subscribe to global because app constantly crashes when the button is clicked on.
  • Very hard to click buttons anywhere in the app. I have to press hard to click on it, and can be very difficult, especially when trying to change the camera angle inside the cockpit. (Maybe a change in sensitivity?) (Also, this does not occur in any other apps or on my keyboard, only in Infinite Flight)

Thanks in advance :)

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When you installed the update, did you uninstall and reinstall? That seems to help a lot of issues like this.

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Also having issues. I’m on Android 6 as well and app is crashing when starting it. I have tried all that was suggested and nothing is working. All was well prior to this update. Any help would be appreciated.

I tried this, but it didn’t seem to help anything. Thanks though

Does anyone have any other solutions? They would be very much appreciated :)

Could try resetting your phone.

Have you reinstalled IF yet? There have seemed o be a few issues with LG devices. As for the sensitivity issues, refer to this link

Yes, I have reinstalled already.

As for the link, I checked it and it seems like everyone’s touch problems are exclusive to the opening screen, while the problems with touch I am experiencing is for any button, regardless of if it is on the opening screen or inflight.

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Any suggestions anyone? Any help is appreciated.

I have the same problem crashes starting up

First off, we need to know what you define as “Starting Up”?

Does that mean clicking on the Infinite Flight icon from your app page or does that mean clicking the “Fly” button? Those are two very distinct application areas.

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