Some issues I've seen in the flight sim community

WARNING this topic is a little bit more serious then others

Now I want to be perfectly clear, I am not making a rant or trying to start some sort of flame war or drama, this community is really great compared to other communities out there.

That being said I have noticed a couple things that we can improve on and it is mainly how some people treat new players. Now, of course, this is most likely a minority but I still wanted to point this out. I’m sure we’ve all made memes about how TS is and all that and that’s fine, but some people take it to the point where they are legitimately almost bullying and ridiculing people for not knowing as much as them about aviation.

For example, I saw this one video of a guy landing in Infinite flight and he turned his strobe lights off while still on the runway, of course, this is minor and can easily be commented out politely for future reference but this one guy commented. “YOU DON’T TURN OFF YOUR STROBE LIGHTS UNTIL YOU EXIT THE RUNWAY, OMG YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO FLY!!!” Like really? Just because of that one thing he doesn’t know how to fly? It’s a nitpick but he is making it out to be the end of the world.

I’ve seen this time and time again, I think instead of attacking people who are trying to get into aviation but may not know much, we should politely teach them things and we should be happy that new people want to get into this. Just like all people they will improve, I started Infinite flight when I “landed” by nose-diving while cruising directly over the airport which was a couple years ago, I knew close to nothing back then but I still improved over time.

Now I want to remind you, these people that I mentioned are probably the minority because there are plenty of community members who are willing to help new players, I am just issuing this real quick to make it known, and so that we try not to do this in the future, you don’t have to agree with me, but this is my opinion on it. If you have read this far, thank you, and tell me what your thoughts are about this.


Completely agree with you. 100% correct.


While most would probably agree with this. Maybe check out the thread about leaving bad habits behind on the expert server thread. Its good for making a “rant” post of bad habits.

If everyone needed to rant about bad habits, the ifc would be filled with them all day long!

Edit: here’s that thread for reference! Most Common TS Habits You Should Leave There Upon Joining Expert


Yes I agree with you. Bullying and making fun of is not tolaerated AT ALL in this community. All we can do now is flag or hope they would fix themselves for the better. Some people think they are just better than others and want to be known as a better member… we’ll lets hope for the best!


Well absolutly agree with you. There is no substance in complaining about bad behaviour over and over again. This wont change anything.


Yup. It’ll happen until the end of time! And i agree, we all need to be nicer to people here on the IFC! And be as helpful as we can be!


I’m not complaining about how people are acting on the training server, I’m complaining about how people are treating other people who may not know as much about aviation, these two threads are totally different things.

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Yeah. It’s different in the focus, but bad habits are what I’m referring to. When we fly the expert server that should come with how we treat others here as well. There’s a bad habit of speaking down to people that are training server and such, that’s where I’m coming from

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Yeah and as i already stated this Thread has no deeper substance. People following there line and wont change there way when tons of people complaining about one and cram the Community with this

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Not everyone on YouTube is on the IFC.

Im talking about the whole flight sim community in general, not just the IFC section

I didn’t even know what a flare was last year, I agree with you bullying is never the answer or making in fun of people, I like to challenge peoples ideas sometimes to both learn and maybe teach something but that is constructive & critical thinking. When there is no purpose to your comments then you should take a moment to self-reflect.

It goes back to that if you don’t have anything nice to say…well.

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and I know people won’t change but hopefully I just wanted to shed some more light on what was happening and stop others from turning into this

There will always be certain people like that. This topic won’t necessarily help, all we can do is ignore people like that and let them have their kick out of it.


Heck I’m still learning things up to this day, and I’m learning it from people who take the time to be respectful and teach me this stuff. Not people who go like “OMG YOU SUCK AT DIS”


Not only to bring change, cuz let’s face it, it won’t and I am fully aware of that, but also more like an awareness thing and also I wanted to see if people felt the same way which I can see now, I am not alone in the what I thaught

I don’t think it will hurt though ;). Every topic I have been on so far there is somebody complaining about the topic. I am scared to create any more topics, I really am.


I am going to be completely honest. I’m one of those people who freaks out over people’s minor mistakes in IF. I have OCD and when I fly in IF, I try to make things extremely realistic. I always use the correct aircraft, livery and flight plan and it must be a real life route. So you don’t know how enraged I get when I see a Garuda Indonesia 777 at London City, or when I see someone takeoff without there lights on. So I wouldn’t consider it bullying. I think it’s just that we want things to be realistic.

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There is no need to be scared of creating topics. People always have different views on anything.
If your topics have substance and are a “benefit” for the Community there is no problem. And i am pretty sure your topics would be good 😁👍


It won’t hurt… All I’m saying is that there will always be people like that and we should just ignore them.

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