Some information about ATC message

How do you know all the driving tasks that the pilot uses to speak to the center of the tower "orders issued between the pilot and ATC"

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First I think this goes in the #atc catagory
Also could you elaborate a little on what your asking?

Would you mind clarifying a little bit? It is unclear what you are asking


Are you talking about how to reply to messages to the ATC?

One of you explain the orders that the ATC issues to the pilot

Like takeoff or landing clearances?

yes, and other

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You could also have a look in #tutorials to understand what ATC are telling you to do

I think the OP wants to know as a pilot how to use the ATC menu and what commands to send and what time. I don’t know if someone here has a video of them using ATC as a pilot and can provide that here. The attached material is from an ATC’s view.


The steps suggested by people above are great. I’d just like to add a few things; and, having noticed you’re a Grade 3 user, it’ll be in the context of the Expert Server.

Firstly, the instructions you receive from IFATC controllers will be very self-explanatory. You’ll always be given one button to press in response to an ATC instruction. This’ll combine all the information you’re given into one message for you to use at the press of a button.

However, there are also unspoken non-ATC rules that should be followed. The thread, attached via weblink below, outlines how you should act (especially in the presence of ATC) to make the job of controllers easier. Our controllers may use instructions that don’t directly say what you’ve done but you can understand using the context of this thread. For example, you may be told to “check tutorials on the forums for assistance using ATC instructions” for a variety of things; from duplicate messages to calling into Radar at 26,000ft.

Use common sense and, almost always, just press the green button at the bottom of your ATC-pilot interaction GUI.

If you’re asking about how to remember these commands. Don’t worry immediately. Work on your ATC-pilot interactions on the Training Server first. We were all a bit poor in our remembrance of ATC commands (I don’t even remember where every single one is now, still) but it’ll come to you over time and you’ll be able to navigate ATC-pilot interactions better and better with each time.

It may also help to see how commands are used by pilots from an ATC perspective. In this case — I attach via link to this thread an IFATC recruitment resource that may be useful in this case too: The Perfect Test (YouTube).

Sorry if I haven’t best answered your question. The original post wasn’t best explanatory to your request, but I hope there is some information above you’ll find useful. If not, don’t be afraid to ask your question again in other words to see if we can all help you some more.

Edit: There is a really good resource I completely forgot about that a @reer104 has left down below. Check that out most of all!



@patrick provided some amazing detailed resources. Here is also a simple, beginner’s video on how to communicate with ATC Interacting with ATC Tutorial - YouTube


yes this is actually what I want

Thanks for clarifying that for us Zuhair. @reer104’s response is best for you!


I would like to thank all the responses to the post about the information I want

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You should check out this group ATCEG (on the community forums) it is run by @Trio lots of good info there and resources even for you as an IF pilot.

Im a real atc and i recommend ATCEG

Here’s a link for you. We are now the IFATC Education Group. :)

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Lol hey i guess ive been out of the community loop for a while!
Keep up the great work @Trio

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