Some impromptu plane spotting

Took a West Jet 737-800 from yhz to yyz this morning, temp was taken pre boarding, sanitizer was handed out for the seats, but got to see a dash 8 and some AC crj’s in storage at yhz and drove by a dozen or so AC wide bodies stored at yyz. Pretty cool to see as an av geek… landing was atrocious through, probably one the hardest landings I’ve ever experienced.

Lucky, you got to fly…

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Hey there! Hope you enjoyed your trip on a great airline! 👀

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I was the first to post 😂… Not on my screen.

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Yes and no, back to work for about 5 weeks, then have to fly home and quarantine. Ontario is COVID land. I prefer “the safest place in North America” aka Atlantic Canada

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Yeah I lurk a lot, been a member of IF for 3.5 years!

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I’ve been planning a trip via Toronto and Charlottetown and ride my bike down to Halifax but the travel restrictions out east don’t look like they’re gonna lift in time :((. You live in an amazing province! Hope you had a nice trip.

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