On training server I always see live ATC at Places like EGLL, KLAX, KSFO but the MAJOR middle eastern airports barely ever have live ATC

I think there should be a daily schedule for these airports so they can get more traffic which means more fun!:



I have a tracking thread which I an doing OMDB later @Saudia263

On the Expert Server, a few of those airports (including OMDB) were on the schedule as recently as yesterday. OMDB is a heavy hitter for traffic :)

There is no set daily schedule for the TS, as we can’t force controllers there to control specific airports and when.

The training server, unfortunately, is not as organized, or “expert” as the Expert Server. Anyone could open any ATC frequency at any airport. Therefore, people flock to the hubs where traffic is.

It’s recommended you fly on the Expert Server, with better pilots, professional controllers, and an organized, diverse schedule, changed every week by Tyler Shelton.

The ATC schedule can take you to new places you’ve never been before! I highly suggest working towards Grade 3 and flying on the ES. Additionally, if you wanted to control a Middle Eastern airport yourself on the Expert Server on a day it’s featured, you should join IFATC! It’s a fantastic community full of people to help you learn.

Alternatively, you could open those airports yourself on the Training Server, or host an event on the TS or ES to draw traffic towards your home airports ;)


Training Server Controllers can open any airport wherever they want, at any time, at any place. Why not open one of those airports. In Training you can open any airport you would like, including your home airport :)

Remember this: More Demand=More ATC. That’s why LAX and LHR Are always staffed on the Training Server

What about the rest of the middle east? Like OJAI, ORBI, HECA, OLBA
I honestly hope they get featured more in IFATC schedules on ES (I know this is a request for TS)


Can I hold OMDB daily for 2 hours for training server

If anyone here wants I’m holding an event on TS in Dubai on the 20th, there will be ATC there and there are multiple destinations you can choose from :)

Yes these too

I would like to join your ATC schedule if you want!!

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