Some IF Edits!

All images can be found on my instagram (

This image is a fairly decent edit since I have my laptop back finally and can use photoshop again. I took off from Miami, Florida on a AAVA hosted event and decided to swap it out with this image.

This image is most definitely my favourite one I have taken, it was taken during sunrise in the Himalayas, right next to Mt. Everest

This image was taken during landing at OMAA from EGLL during the FNF event, much to say it was a great flight :)

This one was taken during takeoff from EGLL, headed to OMAA in the FNF event.

Thanks for checking these out, there’s a few more on my page and definitely more to come.


The first one is beautiful!

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I really love that first one, the sort-of black and white one is cool too!

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Those are some awesome photos, stunning even!

And that first one, that looks so real, it’s just incredible what you’ve done with that photo. It’s just stunning!

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Thank you mate!

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