Some ideas onto bust airports

When I was departing at London Heathrow today, two things came up in my mind:

  1. Due to heavy traffic, I queued for almost half an hour just to take off. In some large airports, there are usually more than one runway. Could the ATC assign one for arrivals and the other(s) for departures? I believe this could improve the realism of this game and the traffic at the airport.
  2. When I was doing my flight, the wind was 130 at 4 and as a result, plane should be departing and arriving at 27L and 27R. However, what I still saw was planes piling up at the holding points of 9L and 9R (and approaching). I understand airports like heathrow are always busy, but it doesn’t mean this can’t be fixed (hope you see what I am trying to say).


  • ATC is trained to use all the runways to their fullest
  • As long as it’s not greater than 10kts, wnds would not have a big effect on aircraft runway performance.
  • Switching of runways many times would really corrupt traffic flow especially in busy times.
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The wind direction in the ATIS and the METAR is always from that heading, while the runway headings are always towards that heading. If the wind is coming from 130 then the 09s are the runways with the most direct headwind.

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Remember that these airports handle way more traffic in this game than in real life at any given point. Having one runway for arrivals will only cause huge backup in the air.


At 15:00 each day the runways’ usage is swapped at LHR/EGLL. Perhaps this is what happened?

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