Some ideas / features

So I couldn’t post this on the features categories so I am posting it here.

Commands we really need as Air Traffic Controllers:

  1. “You are leaving my Airspace switch to UNICOM @122.800

(This would be so helpful cuz as an ATC we cant tell pilots to switch to UNICOM but the only way is to tell them to switch to like Dubai UNICOM or Heathrow UNICOM etc, so it isn’t really realistic and if a pilot doesn’t say where they are flying Flight following sometimes we can’t tell them to switch to UNICOM but only “Frequency change approved” but sometimes they won’t get off your frequency even when they left your Airspace)

  1. “XX360 you are out of my airspace please monitor UNICOM @122.800 or contact any available controller in you vicinity“

(This is for pilots who would call you when they are way out of your airspace and this happens a lot like when I was Emirates_CTR pilots from all the way at Kuwait who would contact me for vectors or ALT so I would just ignore them just to keep it realistic as they are not in my Airspace so I can’t control them)

  1. “Please follow ATC instructions”

(The closest thing to this is in the MISC section witch is “Done’t follow FPL” witch says “Disregard flight plan please follow all ATC instructions” and it is a bit confusing cuz we don’t want the pilots to not follow there FPL’s but just to follow our instructions like we want them to climb or descend so we don’t want them to not follow there FPL”

  1. XX738 “Please follow ATC instructions or you will be reported”

(The closest to this is in the Broadcast section witch is I think “check NOTAM” And it says “All aircrafts check airport restrictions NOTAM will be enforced by reports” some times we don’t want to report pilots but just to warn them that if they don’t follow ATC instructions they will get reported)

  1. “XX65 what’s your IFR information”

(Sometimes pilots (mostly new) won’t tel you there IFR info (where they are flying) so there should be something where you can ask them for this info)

  1. “Maintain FL180 for VFR rules”

(It’s when a pilot says that they are flying VFR)
(Example: XX28 @ 5000ft with you flying VFR) When they contact you that is.

  1. “Attention all aircraft it’s restricted to fly (you can choose(Under/Above 0000ft)

(It’s if there is an event going on or military exercise going on not technically important but could come in useful)

((((((((((Important ones))))))))))

  1. “You were already cleared to change altitude”

(This is so damn needed like seriously cuz sometimes in a busy airspace a pilot would request to climb or descend and they would get the clearance then after 2 minutes they will ask again to climb or descend to the same ALT)

  1. “The requested RWY is not available but you are cleared for (RWY00)”

(Also this one is needed cuz I can’t fined a way to tell pilots that the RWY that they want to land on isn’t available and they would just ignore me or would keep asking for that RWY over and over)

  1. “You were instructed to (climb/descend
    to 00000)”

(This one is if a pilot overshot the ALT that they were given to climb/descend to)

If you guys got any more good commands writ then down in the comments.

Also when i am allowed to post in the features category I will repost this there.


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