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When should I start descending? When should I start lowering the flaps(by how much for Airbus) and landing gear? How fast am I supposed to fly throughout the descend and landing?

When to start descending depense on you crusing altitude if you are crusing at FL350 i usually start descending 17:30 mins till destination… You should start lowering flaps on final for (Speed: 200 Flaps: 1, 180 - 2, 160 - 3, 140 - F(4) And i usually put my landing gears down on 7 mile final. I’m going from crusing level till FL280 M0.78 (A320) then i slow down to 280 and then when close to FL100 i slow down to 230 or 240. So on final you should go around 200 or 180 IAS.

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Hello! Welcome to the community. This small calculation will help you to decide when to descend. Let me show you.

Cruise altitude @ 38000 ft
Destination airport altitude for example 40ft
Your target is to intercept the ILS at 3000 ft agl

So the distance you need is:
38000 - 3000 = 35000
Divide that by 1000 and times 5
So you’ll get 105 nm. Add 10nm for buffer in case of headwind or tailwind.
There you go, start descend 115 nm away from destination.

This calculation work best for me. For the VS, I usually use -2500fpm until 10000ft and turn it to -1800fpm or -1500fpm until 3000ft.

Good luck!

I wouldn’t go full flaps. That kills too much speed, too quickly. Flaps 1 + Spoilers set to Armed usually does the job for me on landing.

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