Some Heavy flight of 2 low passes | Expert server | KJFK

So this morning, @CalditaDePollo and I decided to take our morning coffee doing some heavy’s low passes @ KJFK…

Many thanks to the controllers this morning…

@Arthur @Dr.Liu @Maxime_Flying

KJFK - 31L
Expert server
12FEB23-1145z to 1250z approx


Never though to see a formation of biggies <3


Definetly, we need to do this more often. 4 hours and still we didnt got tired!! And think about we did our first low pass together yesterday and we already do a good team like today

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Never tough to do one 😂😂


Next time invite me :)

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For sure!
3 will be more fun!

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Available tonight guys?
@eliotp10 @CalditaDePollo

I can, doing a homework

no worries

Falled asleep

yea… i think the FAA is calling


Flight of 2 is magic! 😂

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Great photos! That’s some good flying!

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Best pilot is @CalditaDePollo to follow me perfectly!!

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Here is a quick video if you liked the pics!

Thanks all for your likes!

Great pics! Unfortunately, I have a phone number for you to call when you have a moment.

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(10 chars min)

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I’m glad you found the humor in it! I figured that was going to go one of two ways.


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