Some good ultra super long hauls for a359

Which are some good ultra super long hauls for a359 like ones that are 20+ hours.

VHHH-EGLL (east bound)

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Some I’d my favorites include 👇

Paris CDG - Tahiti 17-19 hrs
Dubai OMDB - Honolulu Hawaii 19 hrs
The classic Newark - Singapore 19.5 hrs
Sydney - London 20.5 hrs
Perth - Houston 20.5 hrs
Sydney - New York 20.5
Auckland - Cape town 17

How much time is the flight???

You could try YSSY to EGLL or JFK on a geniric a350 (qantas) but you would have to load properly

Hmm I’m doing that right now…

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22hours and 43 minutes in real life, would be about the same in IF

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If you’re looking to fly some realistic flights, feel free to take a look in this thread too.

It doesn’t mention super long haul flights!!!

Considering that there are no scheduled services that are 20+ hours non-stop, you’d be hard pressed to find flights like these. With flight times that long, your imagination can give you more or less any route you’d want.


I think you should try and not give up try and try till you succeeded to find a 20+ hour flight…

There is an Airbus Delivery flight (or similar kind of flight) that is around 23:45 which is Toulouse - Wellington in the Airbus factory carbon livery

That’s my fav livery anyway l try that next week

San Francisco - Singapore with the SQ A350. Flight time should be roughly 18 hours. Be sure to load properly, IRL they use the A350-900ULR which has extra fuel tanks and reduced pax capacity.

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