Some Good Shots I've taken

你好 IFC! So I haven’t done much spotting topics in some time, so I might as well post my best photos I’ve taken throughout the past year. Some of these photos are from various locations. Enjoy these photos that were taken this year and last year!

A close up of A7-BEK with a VA B738 in the backround!

Never actually spotted this beast before, so glad to see it come!

I have no idea why i absolutely love this photo!

Mike Tango Hotel taxiing for takeoff including some people spotting it below.

I know this isn’t a good photo with the faint fence texture, but the plane is awesome nevertheless!

I spotted this plane with the same reg for like 1000 times in my life! The grey-white engine cone doesn’t get old though.

For some reason this photo it turned out better than expected.

This photo is a bit zoomed out but the pan looks good.

A bit of heat haze, but this is one of the photos I’ve gotten with lots of tire smoke.

Our last photo, featuring Mike Tango Golf pushing back with the awesome looking Harimau Livery.


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If only the fence wasn’t there


@Rolls, come here.


I feel you, brother.


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