Some gates not working at CYYC

It seems like I can’t connect myself to the gates at this terminal building. All other gates are fine except for this terminal.

Device: iPhone SE 2020
Operating system: iOS 15.1

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Hello! I’ll look into this soon. Thanks for the report!

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Hi again @callaa,

We’re not too sure what is happening here. Multiple members of our team are able to reproduce this however can only get the jetbridges to work some of the time when taxiing in. The airport’s build itself seems to have no issue causing any of this problem, although this is something that’ll be looked further into internally. Thanks again for the report.

Edit: The cause is believe to have been found, should be fixed in the next update


I had the same thing when just taxiing into the gate. It seems to have a mind of its own deciding whether you can use it or not. Thanks though!