Some Fun at Fairford (RIAT)

RAF Fairford Casual Server fun!

This was completely random. I was flying the F16 from Lakenheath to Fairford on the casual server to celebrate RIAT when another person was flying a C130 around Fairford but respawned in the session as an F16. They lined up on 27 without taking off so I lined up behind him and we did some high speed flypasts over the airbase. He started flying north so I returned to the field to land and they followed me, when he managed to land before me and by the time I landed he had reloaded into the C130. I decided I would line up behind them again and fly in formation. Which resulted in the following video.

To make things better someone practising a display in a 787 decided to follow us in for the landing which resulted in a very cool flight.

If either of the people in this video see this, it was very fun to fly with you and would love to fly again!

Same goes to anyone else I would love to do some formation/display flying if anyone wants to do the same!

The Video


the c130 is our resident scotty boi @Skyler.Cooper

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Well, that was fast haha! Had a good bit of fun!

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Don’t know who that was but it wasn’t me @DeltaMD88Fan

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Great video! Looks fun! 😃

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Thank you!

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