Some friendly advice to the forum moderators and regulars

I think we need some reasonable voices in this community to push back against the aggressive dictators that control and bully people on the forums. As a newby it feels like this community is controlled like a fundamentalist religion (moderators and regulars blasting people for going ‘off topic’ or using incorrect grammar or making suggestions or requests that are silly or redundant). Forgive me if I’m wrong here, but I was under the impression that Infinite Flight was just a really cool flight Sim designed for phones and tablets so people can fly 'on the move.'
That’s all it is. A flight sim. It isn’t the Manhattan Project. We aren’t discussing ways to eradicate disease or suggesting methods by which to reduce human suffering around the globe.

It’s a mobile flight simulator. And it’s awesome.

So I fail to understand why I open my email inbox and see nothing but aggressive messages from regulars and moderators. I just read a nonsensical rant from a guy called Tim_B. I worry about his mental state that he’s getting so upset about comments on a flight Sim forum. But it isn’t just him. Every thread I read includes comments from guys demanding that the thread stay ‘on track.’ You rules on this forum are ridiculous and the people who enforce them need are tools. You guys all need girlfriends.

This forum is probably one of the most absurd things I’ve ever seen on the internet. It’s the premise of a sitcom.

It’s a mobile flight Sim and it’s the internet. To everyone else, say what you like, annoy people, irritate the moderators and don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not allowed an opinion.

Peace, love and more Aussie liveries please. xx


Pipe down there Che Guevara. I think I might add a section to the website below called ’what to do when you are ranting on a forum about how bad the forum is, whilst still putting in the effort to rant on that same forum’.

Peace, love and Squizz off xx