Some formation flights in the Caribbean!

Today @Aviation108 along with @Errigal hosted a Sint Maarten Flyout!

And me @Errigal, @Aviation108, and @LNCEC Decided to do some island hopping starting at Sint Maarten and ending in Antigua!

And here are the most interesting and best pictures that I took.

Here is the route that we were supposed to fly but stopped around halfway



And we decided to do some formation flying so here is the pictures from that!

And thanks to @Aviation108 and @Errigal for hosting the event!


Hi, nice formation.
Unfortunately, the people in this category are anti-interface activists and can’t stand any interface you can think of, IF interface included. I see there are some photos without the interface, some with just a bit of it, and some where it is in it’s full glory. You can either edit out the ones which have interface out of the original post, or, even better, edit them out and replace with screenshots in replay mode, which will not only guarantee zero interface in your screenshots, but will also make your screenshots up to 4 times the resolution of your screen

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Thanks for that! I got rid of those pictures so hopefully they won’t come at me😂

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I’m glad you came along!

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There’s still photos that have controls and messages from in game. Can you crop those so the stuff doesn’t show

Wow these pic are fabulous 🏝

What a squad;)

Yep I’m doing that right now

What were you transporting, DRU-

We don’t talk about it😂 @DanyyRude

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Got you 😏, Just don’t get caught

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