Some food for thought regarding flying on every server!

Hey peeps from the Internet!

I just want to point out that I have seen lots of pilots requesting Take off with pattern, while having a flight plan. I’d advise those people just to request Take off with departure if you have a flightplan!

Reason for this request is because it can be confusing sometimes for an ATC when pilots are requesting T/O in pattern while they just want to depart out of the airspace.

Also, lately lots of aspiring pilots are flying from busy hubs to other busy hubs. Please be cautious if you want to exit the RWY at a busy airport, same goes for taxing to the assign RWY.

Everybody will eventually taxi to their parking stand or take off, so it is unnecessary to taxi with 20 to 35kts.

That were my 2 cents.

Have a nice day further!


As IFATC, I’d like to vouch for this post to be pinned… Just sayin’

Me too

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Nice reminder. Sometimes we all need it

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I saw “food” and was instantly intrigued.

Thanks for posting! I’m sure some need to see this.

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Get this pinned?

(Just asking the community, I have no athority over this)

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Ive been seeing waaaaaaaayyyyyyy to much of this recently, people taxiing at 35kts triggers me


Why would we need to pin this? The Infinite Flight FAQ includes everything a pilot should know and it’s already at the top of the #tutorials category. This post is just a good reminder.


With the amount of pilots I’ve been seeing doing all the things listed above, I think we all need a reminder. Not everyone on the IFC will see this post if it’s pinned, but even less will see it if it isn’t. Maybe not this post in particular, but some sort of reminder possibly created by the moderators that can be pinned at the top for a while. Not just centering on one thing such as go-arounds, but proper etiquette for pilots on every server.

Just my opinion

Boy, I’m hungry! And as seen by the title I’ve come here to find this. And what is this, you may ask? Well, its a topic full of useful tips that every pilot should read!

I’ve seen way too many people taxiing at 35kts in my day, which triggers me. And same with people who mess up with pattern work. Much needed topic here, thanks for posting!

It’ll make IFATC work easier and everyone’s flying more enjoyable.

Very, very, tasty food @Louverture.EU!

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Thanks for the reply. I just want to stech on the fact that this isn’t only applicable for the IFATC, TSATC or any ATC in general. This is applicable for every single user of the servers hahaha 🚀🛸🚁🛩✈️ …

My realism is to the point where I even try to replicate the taxi speed. I don’t recall ever taxiing under 20 knots.

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I fully understand that if you want to replicate the taxi speed. However, this topic is more about taxing at busy hubs. It also depends on the airport where you are taxing. I am all for realism, but not everybody is using realism.

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