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i dont want this to sound like hate to the IF devs as they do out stounding work to keep this amazing sim afloat and thriving. i just think that i see a lot of people asking for smaller but more frequent updates as this 20.1 update has taken some time. for example like 1 or twice a month there will be an update like adding sids and stars or adding tracks, then 2 or 3 times a year we will have a aircraft rework. i feel like this will make the sim alot more interesting as a new thing can be added and explored every month or so. i say this because in FNF’s a few weeks ago you would be vectored for 30 minutes as there were so many people (i remember at oslo it was crazy) but today i did a flight from newark to orlando and pretty much got a straight in arrival and there weren’t many people. also sometimes i can sense that people are asking for things like 3d buildings or clouds but we are gettting sids and stars and tracks which are nice but not exactly what we asked for. once again i dont want any hate to the devs as they are amazing just want to give some constructive feedback.
thanks marcus1

They hear you! It takes time and they are working on improving the system with Project Metal so it’ll be easier for them to implement this to the public without a huge affect on device performance. SIDs and STARs are both items that pilots use on almost every flight when flying passengers or to a destination. This will enhance the flight planning aspect of infinite flight and will make it more professional with real world procedures.

I suppose you can see that 20.1 is a package of things but nearly every time we do not have clue in what development is up to (except in #announcements) .

Understand that development revolves around the demands of the community majority, so your wishes may or may not be fulfilled. What is agreed to be important comes first rather than small details that also make a big difference.

oh ok i guess it take some time espially since IF is compatible with so many devices so they have to try and keep it able to fly on lower devices

I agree with you here. While I love having big updates, it would be nice to have SIDs, STARs, and other features come in portions, instead of all this (along with planes) being pushed in one update. It’ll keep us on our toes, and might keep “when’s the update?” questions at bay.

Yes this was my main point with the post I also think it would also not make us learn 10 new departures at once

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Hey Marcus! A lot of people feel this way. Do me a favor and take a look at the post I’ve linked. I was apart of a heated discussion about this just a few days ago. It should be an interesting read. At the end it’s all explained.

Hey there!

I think what you mentioned in your post was a fair opinion and wanted to say thank you for being reasonable. That said and as mentioned by @infiniteflight_17 the developers “do hear you”. They do read and listen to the feedback that you guys share. And whatever we think might be an important piece to what could seem like a never ending puzzle, we try to relay to them to get their input.

It’s not something that we try to do very often. When we say “don’t tag developers” it truly is for a good reason. If distractions were to occur in the equation, we’d be lucky to see maybe 1 update per year. Additionally, also brought up was Project Metal. Buildings, smoke, reflecting lights and a list of highly sought after items do require some work on the back end to ensure that our devices are capable of supporting such features.

One of the easiest ways I look at this is a phrase that I’ve heard for many years during learning and it goes something like this: “What you’re about to learn will be the equivalent of drinking water out of a fire hose.” (Learn a whole bunch of information in an extremely short amount of time)

As you can imagine, it would be quite painful and near impossible to remain calm and collect during an intense blast in the face with water. The same concept can be applied to development. If the developers were to dump all of these features into one or 2 updates right now, our devices would feel the wrath and we’d see something that would be nearly if not unplayable.

It’s more efficient to use a normal drinking straw to draw out (implement the features) in this case, than it is to just dump everything that we want right then and there.

Hope this kind of clarifies why and how some things are approached. Not many companies can pump out as many updates as Infinite Flight with the quality and quantity of product that we see today.



@DeerCrusher you should write a novel


Thanks this clarified some things

The thing is, @DeerCrusher only speaks facts, not fiction.

@Marcus1, thank you for this level and inquiring post. You bring up some great topics and upcoming features. I think I speak for the community when I say everyone wants 3D buildings and clouds in general. I would love to see working ground vehicles. I have hope all of these features come in the near future, but it may not be possible. I personally am thankful for the incoming STARs and SIDs, as it was a little bit of a pain to manually input them or find waypoints missing, but I think this background navigational realism is just as attractive as seeing physical realism like 3D airport buildings. I’d assume it’s easier from a development standpoint to put SID and STAR data into the game than putting 3D buildings into the game and telling an iPhone 6s to deal with loading terminals and gates during an FNF.

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