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Hi All!
Just want to preface this by saying I Love IF & IFATC… they do great work 99% of the time. However, today I had an interesting experience as I was flying into MMMX on the expert server. Now I understand that IFATC was BUSY today, but I feel like this needs to be said. It stared when I contacted approach. I got put in a holding pattern… nothing unusual for a busy airport (although I was there for almost 45 minutes). But the real problems came just after I left the pattern. You can see them in the pics below.

Obviously I was having aircraft come wizzing by at way too close for comfort. I didn’t get a single traffic warning. I’m hoping that all IFATC see this and understand that this is an issue, and will be more observant of where they are directing aircraft. Also, I think it would help if there was a way to let ATC know that you need to deviate because of traffic. Just some thoughts and feedback :) Have a great day!
Btw not sure if this should be in live or ATC category


First, thanks for the kind words about the IFATC service.

Sad to hear that you experienced this. Why not send this to the controller via PM as a feedback? Of course mistakes can happen but this shouldn‘t happen as it looks very close.


Thanks for the response! I would send the ATC a message but accidentally deleted my replay after I took the screenshots 😢 I meant to delete the replays without stars and accidentally deleted all of them🤦‍♂️ Hopefully all can learn from this, and glad you took the time to read!


Every controller is always willing to learn. Most likely he‘ll check his own replay, check what he did wrong and learn from this to avoid incidents like this in the future. Glad you give feedback which everyone is thankful for.


That’s great! Just wanted to put something out there.😀

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Was the ATC active during the hold and after? Approach was briefly offline and caused a whole mess.


Like I said in an earlier reply, I accidentally deleted the replay so I’m not sure who was controlling, it was around 19:30z if I’m correct. I was in holding with one controller, then got handed off after leaving to someone else immediately after. I have several encounters with aircraft with both controllers.

I had two aircraft simultaneously cross my runway as I was approaching minimums this week, but I guess it’s not real life and with the amount of traffic when you get a chance you take it lol

Ya… lately I’ve have some issues with runway incursions too. I was departing KSFO last week and tower cleared me and someone on the perpendicular runway for takeoff at the same time🤣 I’m glad it’s not real life…

I was probably one of the radar controllers that had to vector all those aircraft into the chaotic airspace of MMMX. As soon as the previous controllers left, everything got really messed up as you may have noticed. With 15+ aircraft in the ILS area It’s almost impossible to take them all apart without issues.

This is just another airport that requires some extra attention. It’s at a high altitude, lots of mountain peaks and the airport is not capable of this amount of traffic. This is not a fun place when pilots are coming in at 400 kts while the other guy is going 200kts.

In my opinion, this has been a challenging experience to work as a team and that’s how we learn from our mistakes day by day. ✌️


For sure! I’m not necessarily complaining or saying that the ATC was “bad”… just that there is some learning experiences that we could take away from today. And I know it must have been hard with all differences in aircraft speed. Thanks for the perspective!

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@Bmollav8r do you remember what time this occurred? We’d be able to find the controller rather easily with that information so we can pass along the feedback.


The problem right now is that everyone is approaching an airport from 360 degrees which isn’t what happens in real life–and thats why approach has to do these long sweeping zig zaging approach paths to get traffic to flow.

I think it would be nice if somehow when flying to an airport with ATC, that the real life approach paths are in the info page of that airport, and depending on what ATIS info is current, you select the appropriate approach and it automatically adds it to your FPL for you to fly. Not sure how easy that would be to add, but it could go a long way in solving some of the things brought up in this thread.


I believe it was 19:30z ish… and there were two frequencies. Thanks!

That would be such a cool feature!!! Good idea!

I expierianced the same thing but my was even worse this guy was on a vector where his wing went through my tail. I also think you said this very well and that it should be adressed. Also I do think that the ATC comunications should be updated and I think that would fix a lot of the problems

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i think that is a great idea

The minimum separation for ATC is nobody can cross your runway or flight path after you cross threshold so that’s allowed.

Wow! I cant believe you actually got “hit”.

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I know this was the worst in months. Usually stuff like this never happens

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