Some feature suggestions

Some thoughts for future improvements:

  • More stats - GTA style - re aircraft most used, landing rating (see below) etc
  • Instant feedback on approach and landing with AI tips on how to improve
  • Gate allocated to you by ATC upon landing
  • AI to operate ATC until a live ATC takes over - would improve realism and immersion within the game and encourage people to try more airports
  • Ability to report/ghost other users in TS - I’ve been acting as ATC and ignored so many times, it’s annoying
  • Airport buildings at most used airports - EGLL and KLAX for example
  • As above but for approaches - EGLC would be awesome!

Keep up the awesome work IF!

It may be advisable to make feature requests once you’re TL2. Keep contributing to the forum and you’ll get there!

There’s also the option of voting for these requests that are in place in the #features category already too ;)

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How come @Jet_Airways_995?

Oh right. I did look for that first but it didn’t show in search. Apols.

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It’s a general requirement in the forum to be TL2 to be able to create a topic in the #features category. You’re currently TL1. You’ll get there soon! :)

Ah ok. Thanks - still getting to grips with the forum.


@BrockleyJim no worries and hello from us! After revisiting your initial post, many of these recommendations you have are already listed in features. The community posts recommendations there and then everyone can vote. Sometimes features may be hard to find right away but you’ll figure things out quick. We are glad to have you and hope you enjoy your stay here, Chris


Many of the things you’re suggesting have already been raised as feature requests. Have a good search and cast your vote.

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Unfortunately, your not able to request a feature yet, because you’re a TL1. But keep posting, commenting and contributing to the community, you can vote for features though. But when your able to ask for a feature make sure it hasn’t already been requested.