Some escort pictures

1)Here are some pictures of an escort.

  1. I was escorting @FlyboyFly on his flight to Sylt (EDXW) on the Expert Server. He had the Wideroe Dash-8 Q-400 and i had the C-130 H. It was a really nice flight with a hard landing. I hope you like the pictures!


I think you can’t escort on Expert.

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Also you are SO close to him on landing.

He knew that i will escort him and it was planned. Also i had no enough fuel for a go-around.

And the wind is ruining this flight.

Great shots! I would recommend flying into an area with low visibility to add an effect into the storm.

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Yes! Thanks!

I saw picture 3 and thought that in picture 4 you were going to go inside.

Picture number 3 - Who is smoking in the cabin? Open the “window”, please!

P.S. Cool edits, mate! Keep it up!


First of all, you are allowed to escort on Expert server, GAF does it all the time, and second, two aircraft landing at the same runway at the same time is common in formation flights.


Thank you!

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Yes. 👆🏼
But be careful in controlled airspace and maintain good separation.

And this 👇🏼 is only allowed when you fly in formal formation, and add ‘flight of x’ to your callsign. Communication then only happens with the formation leader and every instruction to the leader, is for both aircrafts.

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There was no controller near and everything was planned. Also i think i had a ‘flight of 2’ callsign.

Good. And your partner formation aircraft also had the ‘flight of 2’ in their callsign I presume.
I mean, surely you wouldn’t be a flying a flight of 2 by yourself…

Yes, you’re right! Do you like the pictures?

What are those white lines??

I think it’s supposed to be snow.


There’s weather here? New update? Mine is always sunny


No sadly it is just edited, we all have sunny skies or just a white line as the “Fog” or “clouds”

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I like the photoshop you have add to the screenshots, are amazing, keep
going mate.

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