Some Epic Pictures I Would Like to Share

Hello! Today I did a group flight with a friend who unfortunately moved away but is also into aviation. Got some pretty epic shots…

Fun Fact: we did this on casual because despite him having over 1K hours of flight time he is grade 1 because he got 500 violations on one flight 😂

Server: Casual
Aircraft: B737-700
Route: KMCO - KDCA

TBM landing (NO, it was not a normal landing, it was casual after all 😂)

My takeoff DCA bound

Here was the landing

If you are wondering what happened to the TBM, it was a very normal casual server landing of -700FPM and then it skidded off the runway into a Terminal at a speed of 100 KTS

Hope you like them! Please give me honest feedback below, negative or positive, because I like to improve what I do


…500 violations in one flight?

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Yeah, that actually happened… He fell asleep on descent apparently

And what happened to cause him to get 500 violations?

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He can get those reversed. That was a glitch a while back.

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No clue… is that not supposed to happen?

The max is six. So yes, that is insane.


Huh… I’ll see what I can do, he doesn’t have IFC

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500 violations… 20 seconds per violation. That’s 10,000 seconds, or 166+ minutes. Must have been descending from space.

All jokes aside, those are some very nice pictures. Even casual has its moments of beauty. Good work!


I mean… we did have a Space Shuttle 🤭


LOL seems logical

Thank you for your kind words though!

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