Some Delta A350s Getting A Downgrade


Delta will take on 9 Airbus A350s from the South American carrier LATAM. These 9 aircraft will initially feature the LATAM interior, with a 2-2-2 business configuration, opposed to Deltas 1-2-1.

Along with this, there will be no premium select cabin onboard these aircraft. There will still be “comfort plus,” but this plane will not be the same as Deltas economy.

The most likely reason why they are taking on these aircraft is because of the fact that there is a huge demand for international travel that they cannot fill with their current fleet. By adding more large aircraft to their fleet, they can run more flights to international destinations.

These planes are planned to be fitted with their flagship interior, but not initially.


They will most likely add the new cabins in time they are probably trying to increase their seats quickly and don’t have time to add the new cabins now

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Yes, @Ethan_Brown. Delta does have plans to put the newer interior on, but they are trying to fill the immediate demand right now, so there isn’t time.

There goes my plans of flying Delta One anytime soon :(


There are still plenty of A350 routes that feature the Delta One suite, along with all the A330 neo. Even if you do fly on the A350 without the Delta One suite, you will still experience the same soft product.

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