Some defects in the cabin

Hello folks…
I have noticed some defects in B777-300ER cabin windows…

I just wanted to report it and get developers’ attention…


I guess this a known issue , such as the bugs on the roof of the B777s not only the windows ^^ also like the walls missing on the B757 toilets.
Hopefully it will get fixed as these 2 reworked aircrafts are very nice however these bugs kill a little but all the joy around it.

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Yes exactly… It decreases the immersion feeling when setting a window view


Hopefully, it will be corrected in a future patch. However, until that happens, we will have to deal with it. If you want a perfect window view, try the A350 or a newer plane if you need window shots. However, it is not too big of a deal, and can be corrected in the future.

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you can also change free cam angle, which often makes the difference smaller and in some cases makes completely disappear.

Not all windows have the Gap, try having one of those windows. you just have to look a bit more


Wait we have passenger window views on the 777? I thought we only had them on the CRJ’s lol

Currently i only fly B777-300 and coincidentally noticed this gap; so i wanted to report it to developers wishing for a fix… Yea i know it’s not a big issue but this plane is new and perfect in all its aspects so it deserves to have a fix…

Yea you’re right… The other window was set to a different angle with no issues but i just wanted to report the issue so we let the developers know about it…

Yes! By choosing the interior free cam😉

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