Some country at 120,000 ft [NO MORE ANSWERS ACCEPTED]

Should I flag them?

Remember to delete edit history, we can still see the answers…

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I deleted the comment this this is what it says —> (post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 3 hours unless flagged)

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Yeah but you can delete edit history if I am correct. I’ll try it out on this comment…

Nvm it doesn’t seem like you can anymore, that’s a problem

Yeah, it’s annoying that message during 3 hours

Great photos!

Thank you!

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Please stop flagging deleted comments. They will be deleted automatically after 3 hours. If you flag them it only takes more time. These comments don’t violate our community guidelines and we won’t accept flags just because they made a right guess in a game. Thanks everyone.

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Sorry, Marc

Taiwan? I don’t know. XD


yes! delete your comment

Correct! Delete your comment

Yes thanks!

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We all say Tokyo?

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Really nice picture! Would have guessed a Central American Country, but after seeing the solution it’s clear I have been really far off…

Thanks for sharing this really cool perspective!

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Wow, great photo!

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Man, I want to fly to “that country” now

@Tommy @Kyan_Perry @Infinite_Pro correct!
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