Some country at 117,000ft [NO MORE ANSWERS ACCEPTED]

Following up from this post:

So I’m back with another photo! But there is a twist, this time, you PM me the answer instead of commenting on this post, so there is no cheating!

Server: Solo
Aircraft: Homie F-22
Route: N/A

Here you go!


Too easy for a hint, here’s a chocolate bar: 🍫

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People who got it: @KTJ_Mitchell @Tsumia @Q8y @ILOVE7879-2.0 @AnonymouslyAnonymous @Marcel001


Zwitserland? Nah nvm

Please PM me!

Thanks for your post today, but this belongs in #screenshots-and-videos. Please move it or you might risk having it closed! Nice pic anyways


I’m sorry! I put it in general! Amd thanks too

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No worries, its fixed now!

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Nepal? Ten characters

PM me please

I reckon it’s India or something around that area

I’m going to guess the rockie mountains. Like Denver/Utah area.


Wow, one of the best countries i’ve seen from 117,000ft. 10/10 photo

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thanks! it’s Switzerland

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