Some country at 110,000 ft [NO MORE ANSWERS ACCEPTED]

So I’m back with another topic, this time we’re not as high as we were in the last one pun intended, but still 110,000ft. Ain’t less.


Server: Casual
Aircraft: F-22
Route: N/A

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Here you go!


A very famous airport there is: 🥵🚮

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PM me the answers please!

People who got it: @Alexander_Nikitin @anon77793723 @Jens_Severin @ThomasThePro @dca.iad.aviation @LordWizrak @Dylan_M @BennyBoy @AnonymouslyAnonymous @Tucker_Ryan


Nice photos! Can’t for the life of me figure out the country.

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Keep thinking

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PM me the answers

Oh I do like that! No clue where it is ;)

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The hint might help

I have no idea what country it is, but great shots!

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Thanks Sasha!

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Great picture as always.

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Nice pic!

(ooh, I pinpointed it!)

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Cuba? UK? Ireland?

How do you get up that high? And it’s London.

It looks like London :) idk if it is right though

Please PM me, answers in the comments will be ignored

Sorry guys, I had to close it, seeing the amount of answers in the comments, it’s obvious, it’s England!

It is Spain, I saw LEMD.
EDIT: it is Britain I saw eggl.

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