Some cool videos of Timelapses

Here is the YouTube channel for the Timelapses ;)


You should link your video instead of the whole channel, and you should probably include a note that it’s your own channel :)

Hey buddy, is there any reason you posted the same thing twice?

The first time I put it under “general” not “snapshots/videos@

And by the way Pittsburgh is my home airport :)

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Ah, understood. For future reference, I would just edit the category, I’d be happy to help if you need it, just PM me. 😁

(I’d also like to talk about Pittsburgh if you want to, it’s a great airport)

The mods will probably close one of the two, which one do you want closed, this one or the other one?

Ok I will be sure to do that!

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Ok that’s fine

The other one

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Sounds good, i’ll let the mods know, and they’ll sort it out, if you have any further questions PM me so we don’t fill up the thread. 😁

Good work and a beautiful flight💪😍🛫🛬

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Thank you so much! 😀😀😀😀😀

Nice video👍

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