Some cool planes

Hi Everybody! Here are a few cool (lightly edited) screenshots from a few recent flights of mine. I hope y’all enjoy!

Flight deets

Airline: Air Canada
Aircraft: 77W
Hotel: Trivago.

Gently climbing out of a sunny Vancouver

Big boi 777 cruising over the ??? mountains

Some more deets

From my Oakland event.

For my people at FedEx VA

“Ladies and gentlemen, we might be a little late to Denver - the moon is blocking us”.

Gotta love that scenery!

Making a safe but rather windy landing in Denver

Finally, a Cabo Verde pencil climbing out of Espargos

And that’s it! As some of you noticed, I did lightly edit a few of the photos. Let me know how they turned out! See y’all in the skies!

Be sure to check out my Denver event, too!


OMG I love this pic ! 😍


🤣🤣🤣🤣 that’s a nice pic

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Best caption, ever

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Thanks! :)

Some cool planes, indeed!

Very well done :)

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Nice photos. I love the Air Canada ones.

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Nice capture of the moonshot and showcasing of the diverse scenery… thanks for sharing!