Some cool pictures

A bunch of cool pictures (or at least in my opinion) of some flights I did in the past.

image image


When posting in #screenshots-and-videos it is asked of you to state information about your flight (Such as route, aircraft, etc…) you may find in your logbook or replays. ;)

Other than that, I love these captures and you should keep up the good work ! :D

Where does it say that?

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I swear I’ve seen it somewhere. I’ll repeal my reply until I can further realize if I myself am mistaken or not, thank you! :)

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that was cool hope cinematic

I think this is what you’re looking for :)

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Yes! Thank you so much. The template Misha was referring to (Template comes up when creating a topic in #screenshots-and-videos) included typing down flight information. @JT_Playz :) New Rules: Screenshot and Videos Category

Glad to have found it.


So what do you think I should do, reupload it or leave it? What would the devs say to do

I still don’t see where it says you need to list flight information.